Expertise developed since our Carrefour opened, we offer the support you need to build your projects or career in the field of art and culture. We can advise you on the legal form of your organization and the laws and taxation related to self-employment and cultural companies, as well as promotion and, of course, financing. In the form of individual meetings and group training sessions on essential topics, the personalized intervention of our artistic, entrepreneurial advisor will undoubtedly be an asset in developing your projects.


Volunteering offers a possibility to help improve your living environment and community while developing your potential and skills via an artistic or cultural project. If your project is chosen, the Carrefour offers to accompany you in carrying it out, as well as providing a grant and a participation allowance.  

Example of projects:

Undermess and Tel-Jeunes

The project of the Undermess group consisted of a tour of schools in Quebec to promote the values of Tel-Jeunes and the benefits of music, by offering students a free concert and a workshop on creating music. The objective was to create a piece of music with a group of students and initiate a discussion with them, as well as exchanging stories and providing information so that the participants would become aware of the causes put forward by Tel-jeunes and its values (putting an end to intimidation and cyber-intimidation, mutual assistance, suicide prevention, etc.).

Meeting Quebec’s First Nations and Inuit people

Young volunteers drew up a cultural workshop project designed to introduce elementary school children to the issues that native people in Quebec are currently experiencing, through language, poetry, handicrafts and film. The objective was to make a small tour of elementary schools to offer a short workshop on Innu culture.

I have an idea for a project!


Artch has a mission to identify, train and circulate the work of emerging contemporary Quebec artists. Art Souterrain, the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montréal Centre-Ville and Jack Marketing joined together to set up the first edition in 2018, selecting 21 artists who were allowed to receive extensive training for artist entrepreneurs and who were able to sell their work as part of the Artch market. The second edition of Artch is currently underway, and the market will be held on September 2019.

Next call for candidates: January 2020

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This project carried out with the support of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the RBC and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ, offers a cohort of young artists and cultural workers who are recent graduates a bridge to the labour market in their sector. In addition to employability and entrepreneurial training adapted to the arts sector, young participants have an opportunity to carry out a remunerated training position for 3 to 6 months with an employer in the sector.

Next cohort: Spring 2020

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Noublood is a pre-incubation path for a cohort of 25 youth, grouped under 5 business ideas, who will be tooled, trained, accompanied and encouraged to help them go forward as cultural entrepreneurs and creators of content. At the heart of the intensive 6-week training, two weeks will be allocated to seeking and creating artistic prototypes. Noublood hopes to inject new blood in the accompaniment model for artistic and cultural entrepreneurship.

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