The Carrefour considers employers as special partners for young people’s success. For this reason, we have developed a service offer, specially designed to facilitate the connection between young people seeking employment and the labour market.


The Carrefour offers companies the possibility of posting their job offers for free on our website. Young people who visit our site can apply directly to these offers, thereby ensuring more visibility for your employment opportunities and greater access for the candidates.


The Carrefour can create all kinds of personalized recruitment activities to think about your recruitment in other ways. Lightening interviews in our facilities, pre-interviews prepared by our employment counsellors, creation of pools of young potential candidates: a wide range of possibilities is available!


The Antisalon is a new type of recruitment event in which young people seeking a job and employers take part in unique recruitment experience, focusing on the meeting and the search for the “fit”, in which the CV is set aside and the candidate’s personality takes the forefront.


In short, a different method designed to recruit the right person for the right position. The Antisalon experience is also a pleasant laboratory, enabling young participants to develop networking skills, a must in seeking employment.


To find out more (link to the website:


Roulo-Boulo, the job bus, is designed to create a mobile meeting place between young people seeking a job and companies in the Greater Montreal area. Each week during the summer, the job bus drives through the streets promoting the socio-occupational integration of young people from 16 to 35 years of age. These young people can find a wide range of advice as well as personalized accompaniment in the job search approach as well as having privileged access to employers in the Greater Montreal area.

Roulo-Boulo is a unique opportunity for employers: it offers an original recruitment method, a dynamic and attractive platform, allowing the enterprise to stand out as an employer of choice for young people. In addition, employers have access to a pool of several thousand candidates and contribute to one of the most positive projects in Montreal!

Several types of service are offered:

  • Participation in a pop-up job fair in the Roulo-Boulo
  • An exclusive and made-to-measure recruitment Roulo-Boulo platform
  • Other made-to-measure concepts

Our approach: to offer a unique, key-in-hand solution for our employer partners, to match their needs and expectations! Everything is taken care of: planning, communications, organization and logistics. Employers simply need to show up on the day of the event!