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How To Show Confidence Before An Interview?

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Interviews should not be monotonous and stressful.
We often have this image of the interviewer who asks you questions, and it is up to you afterward to respond as a programmed robot. Since I started my job search at 16 years old, I had a standard advice from my entourage: “Dress in clean black trousers and a white shirt, so that you give the impression that you are serious about the job, a smile, but not too much!”

Today, the reality is very different; there is enormous diversity and recruiters are aware of it. They want to know not only if you are qualified, but also if you suit the corporate culture. Here are several ways to stand out without shocking anyone:

Arrive prepared and relaxed:

By coming prepared, you will be confident and therefore, more natural. Do some breathing or meditation techniques before your interview. Also, do not learn too many things by heart. On the other hand, you have the right to use notes, so write down important points.

Practice your power posture:

In a recent TEDTalk, I learned the psychological effects of a powerful position (Power Pause). Before your interview, go to the bathroom to freshen up, then stand in front of a mirror and strike a pause just like Wonder Woman (with your hands on your hips) for two minutes while looking at yourself in the mirror and smile. Studies have shown that by doing this, it increases your confidence!

Do your research on the corporate culture:

Your attitude, posture and clothing style may change depending on the environment in which you want to work, do your research on the Facebook page, LinkedIn and the company’s website to get an idea of the workplace that you will be in contact with. Do not hesitate to visit the offices in advance to get a sense of the place and the atmosphere.

Accessories, accessories, accessories:

Sometimes something as innocuous as the style of your glasses can show your personality. Do not hesitate to show what subtly tempts you! A pearl necklace or a shirt with patterns (tasteful) can give you a nice look and extra points before you have answered a question!

There is room for everyone in the job market, just find your own!

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