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How To Rock Your LinkedIn Profile

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You put an unflattering selfie, hardly a little info on your experience and you have five people in your network.This article might help you a lot!

We talked recently about ways to optimize your chances on LinkedIn, but to start on good bases, you must have an excellent profile. In addition to looking more professional, you will be better referenced on Google and LinkedIn search engines if your profile is 100% filled.

Here are the golden rules to be a professional like never before:

Profile picture:
The easiest way to choose your photo is to imagine yourself at a networking event or fair; I’m sure you do not want to present yourself with a pint of beer in hand and a dirty T-Shirt.

Make sure the photo style is appropriate for your industry a portrait is the best angle. A picture of you in action during a conference, for example can be an asset.

A brief description:

No need to tell your whole life, a description must go straight to the point:

What you do and your expertise?
Your Industry?
Your city?
Portfolio elements (projects, posters, articles, etc.)

Your studies and experiences (including volunteering):
Be sure to list all the skills that are relevant to your course and list your training as well. It is possible to describe projects that you have done in collaboration with other people (that you can tag), but also put pictures, videos, results, etc. Regarding the description of your positions, put the results and the changes you have made rather than the tasks performed on a daily basis.Don’t forget to mention your volunteering, if you are still debating whether or not you should volunteer, here are some reasons.

We all had colleagues, teammates, managers and clients with whom we worked. Find in your network someone who can be a reference of choice to talk about you. There is a feature on the platform that allows you to send referral requests and recommendation, feel free to use it, you will be surprised at the good reviews you will receive!

Do you have other tips to share?

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