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Best practices to efficiently work from home!

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Working from home is slowly starting to take hold in the routine of many professionals. Downtown Montreal is not receiving as many workers as it used to, and working from home is advocated.

This drastic change in the daily life of several employees can lead to questions and reflections on how to optimize this time at home.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of things to consider to get the most out of this new way of working!


Keep in mind that working from home has its advantages

The first advantage of teleworking, of course, is that it allows you to stay at home and protect the people around you. But telecommuting is much more than that! Working at home allows you to develop a sense of autonomy, since you manage your time as you wish. Also, staying at home allows for a better balance between professional and personal life: you just need to plan your time well!


Be available, but not over the top

Yes, it can sometimes be difficult to make a healthy division between your professional and personal life, when the office and the living room are in the same place. Nevertheless, it is necessary to create a work discipline that will ensure that when it comes time to work, you will really work.


It is obvious that teleworking requires a little more adjustment when it comes to your flexibility in your schedule. You have to juggle meetings, projects, but you also have to know how to stop when your working day is over. Don’t be anxious to shut down your computer and not respond to your emails at 11pm. It’s normal!


Set up a defined workspace at home

At the start of the pandemic, telecommuting perhaps seemed like a fun way to do your work: you could work in your pyjamas, on the living room couch, outside, and even while watching TV!

However, to ensure productivity that you are accustomed to, you absolutely need to establish yourself a workspace ensures good concentration and thoroughness. First of all because the division between your professional and personal life will be done more easily and naturally, but also to avoid chronic pain, back pain or bad posture. If you wouldn’t be working on a sofa in the office, then it’s the same at home.


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