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5 Reasons To Choose Vocational Education

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Often, you have to finish high school to improve your chances of getting a job. While it is true that higher levels of education increase the likelihood of finding work, the status of workers often does not make it possible to escape precariousness. These are often minimum wage jobs, with flexible and disjointed schedules known as “bad jobs”. As hiring requirements become more complex, schooling remains the preferred route for many. For young people with a low level of education, who have not obtained a high school diploma, or who have stopped studying after graduation, vocational training is an accessible solution for those who wish to save time And lots of energy!

Here are five things you need to know about vocational education:

  1. Emploi-Québec funds several professional training programs.
  2. Vocational education provides quick access to a skilled trade that is in demand in the work market.
  3. This training gives access to better working conditions than a high school diploma can offer.
  4. Units obtained in vocational training are taken into consideration as Secondary V units
  5. The DEP offers the possibility of continuing your studies at the CEGEP in a technical program in the same field, without having obtained your DES.

Do you have any vocational training? What is your opinion on this?

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