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3 Good Reasons To Volunteer

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We can’t repeat it enough; we currently live in a very fast past life. Our minutes are counted, and we tend to struggle with life and work balance. Even though, a lot of people take their precious time to volunteer for causes that are dear to them. If you ask yourself the reasons why you should volunteer, here’s some of them:

1. Work experience
You are working hard on your Resumé, but it seems hard to sell yourself with little to none of the experience. That is your chance to stand out! Most recruiters direct their attention to the volunteering aspect of your experience. They will understand that you are involved, devoted and you’re not afraid to tackle new responsibilities head-on! It is an excellent way to discover and cultivate your interest as well.

2. Extend your network
When you volunteer, you are in direct contact with an environment and an extensive network of people.Someone who gets noticed for his involvement and effectiveness may be referred for a job shortly!
By being active, you multiply your chances to progress in your job search.

3.Social engagement
Social commitment means active involvement with an organization that defends our values. It is rewarding to be able to work for a cause that is dear to us. We feel useful, we feel involved and feel that we are making a difference. When you get involved as a volunteer, you are directly involved in positive change in your community.
So … you start when?

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