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5 Good Reasons to Become a Member in an Organization!

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Becoming a member in a non-profit organization is an accessible way to make a difference in your community while developing as a young adult.  Here are five good reasons to make the leap!


  • Make an impact in your community

By getting involved as a member, you can make a real difference in areas that are important to you, whether it is a particular population (youth, the elderly, street-involved people), the environment, or even … your Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi! 😉


  • Expand your network of contacts

You will have the chance to meet people from all walks of life among the other members, which is certainly an advantage when starting your professional path.  You never know who you might stumble upon!


  • Utilize your competencies and develop new ones

Are you someone who has great ideas?  Are you a good communicator? Many of your competencies are certain assets which can be explored as a member and used to support the organization of your choice.  As well, you can add more tools to your toolbox while participating in activities specially created for members.


  • Experience citizenship

Citizenship is more than just going to vote every four years!  Non-profit organizations function in a democratic way that allows their members to participate in certain concrete decisions related to governance.  This happens at the action, development and management level of the organization. 


  • Have fun!

Not only will you have a valuable experience, but you will also be sure to have a lot of fun! That’s right – neighbourhood parties, cultural events and stimulating meetings are all part of the member experience!

Does this interest you?

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To learn more, please contact Viviane Cottle at

Next member’s meeting: Annual General Assembly, September 25th, 2019! (More information coming soon)

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