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4 reasons to build experience through a project

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We often hear young people around us say, “I don’t have a job because I don’t have experience and I don’t have experience because I’ve never had a job.” These young people feel stuck in a cycle of desperation, and maybe you or someone you know is in the same situation.

So, what to do?

You could create experience opportunities for yourself! How? By managing a project that interests you, you demonstrate initiative, leadership and you put you’ll easily stand out in a future professional interview. Here are 4 reasons to manage a project.

  1. Have Concrete Examples of Experience

When an employer asks you, “Why should we choose you, rather than the other candidates?”, you should answer with concrete examples.

For example, let’s take Jeremy, who is passionate about sports and wants to organize sports events in a youth center. He tells himself that he will have to demonstrate his organizational skills, that he knows how to manage a team and promote an event. Jeremy then decides to organize sports tournaments in his neighbourhood with his friends, and his competitions become more and more successful.

During his interview, he can be precise about his experiences and skills. While affirming that he is the best candidate when encountering a marketing problem, he learned that he can attract more young people by organizing draws, by publishing a promotional video and inviting food trucks to the event.

  1. Explore Your Interests

By managing a project, you will be able to develop your passion like Jeremy. However, if you don’t know what drives you, it’s an excellent opportunity to explore your interests. Who knows? Maybe this could help you better choose your field of study.

  1. Develop Your Social Network

People naturally seek to surround themselves with interesting individuals who have the same mission as them. Jeremy’s project allowed him to connect easily to the mission of the youth center. He has been hired and is now part of the professional network of youth centers. This will make it easier for him to land a coordinator position in the future.

  1. Enrich Your Resume

As you can guess, managing a project shows initiative and looks great in a resume. However, the skills developed during your project are not the only elements of your project that you could add to your resume. Often, you will have the opportunity to win an award that celebrates your accomplishments. This will multiply your opportunities, contacts and – hopefully – your passion for your projects!


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