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The Carrefour wants to know how you are getting along!

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We are well aware that the period we have been experiencing over the past few months has been extremely stressful! A pandemic is a major and unprecedented event for which no-one was really prepared. It’s already not always easy to be young and during a world-wide crisis it can sometimes be actually terrifying!

Being afraid to catch a virus during a pandemic is perfectly normal. But sometimes, without really realizing, it can take over our mental balance and slip us into the not very reassuring world of anxiety. Everything seems strange, we have to wear a mask, there are new rules to follow everywhere we go, people seem distrustful, we are separated from those we love. It is as if time had stopped… rather like an old disaster movie!

The de-confinement taking place at the moment is really cool, except that, after several months of having to be extra-careful, it can also increase certain aspects of your stress. Is it okay to take the metro? Can I take up my favourite sport again?

All these elements can make you feel that you need support to help you manage your stress and maintain control over your psychological and emotional well-being.

This is where your Carrefour jeunesse-emploi can make all the difference! We are there to listen to you without judgement and to find the best tools to improve your situation. A telephone call, email or DM: are all ways to gain rapid access to a qualified person, who is ready to listen and has a range of resources that can help you.

In short, a helping hand is just a phone call away!

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