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The Carrefour: An ally in your job research!

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The current COVID-19 pandemic and the pause we have all been obliged to take has severely upset the job market. It has probably also had an impact on your personal employment situation. Perhaps you were looking for your very first job this summer, but were unable to find one. Perhaps you lost your job due to the pandemic! Even if you received some financial support from the government to help you get through the crisis, it will not last forever and stress is beginning to leave its mark on you… what direction should you take for your next job? It is also possible that all this has made you realize that it might be the right time to reorient your career because you didn’t really like the job you had before. Perhaps it is time for a change!


It’s no secret that looking for a job is not a pleasant activity for anyone. It requires you put into practice all kinds of skills that you probably do not use in your daily life. You need to know where to look, you need to stimulate your contact network, you need to be able to sell yourself, stand out and convince the employer that you are the best choice in town. It can be a very intimidating process… even frankly discouraging!


At the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montréal Centre-Ville, our slogan is that a good job search is planned in advance! Our employment counselors are prepared to accompany you to establish a customized game plan and put it into action so that you can efficiently corner a job that meets your expectations. At your pace and with a personalized approach based on your situation, your employment counselor offers a new look at your path, a mine of information and advice and warm encouragement that will make all the difference in advancing your professional situation. In addition, the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi has contacts with many employers who are recruiting and can therefore guide you to them. What interests us at the Carrefour is to find the best fit between you and an employer. It is important because what we want, in the end, is for you to be happy in your work!


Would you like to have an ally in your job search? Contact us. We will be pleased to accompany you. A helping hand is just a phone call away!

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