The CJE Montréal team

Our multi-disciplinary team believes in young people’s potential and drive – and we strive to foster their self-reliance. Working in the fast-paced environment of the downtown core, our team provides a high level of professionalism and commitment on a daily basis.

Lovely Nortil

Liaison Agent

Lovely is the first face you see when you center the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi. Thanks to her multidisciplinary Bachelor’s degree, her years of customer service experience and her attractive personality, Lovely plays an essential role at the Carrefour. Versatile, available and well informed, she will always be there to answer your questions and direct you to the service you need. She also offers indispensable administrative support to the entire Carrefour team, as well as contributing to our communications on the web.

Francis Brisson

Youth Worker

Having worked for some 15 years with young adults on an unconventional course of life, Francis is well acquainted with the reality experienced by 18 to 29 year-olds. As part of the Focus project, he will be able to accompany participants who wish to return to school or the job market. His attentive ear and empathy, the warmth of his contact and his professionalism will accompany you throughout the path you choose to attain your vocational objective.

Lamia Lamoudi

Employment Counsellor

As an experienced employment counsellor, Lamia likes to get to the heart of the matter with all the job seekers she meets. She knows our multi-faceted clientele well and has in-depth expertise working with newcomers. Lamia is a key resource contact for young immigrants seeking to enter the workplace quickly. Whether in a one-on-one meeting or group workshop, Lamia is able assist and motivate you in your job search.

Hervé St-Jean

Youth Worker

Having worked with youth for the past ten years or so, Hervé has acquired plenty of valuable experience. He is an exceptional motivator who knows how to guide youth in the FOCUS program to help them meet their personal goals, including going back to school and entering the job market. As a resourceful individual with a solid sense of humour, Hervé is able to provide you with all the personalized support you need to achieve your goals.

Marina Di Tiello

Employment Counsellor

Marina is passionate about her work as an employment counsellor and knows how to use her passion to enable job seekers to plan the best possible strategies. She is an attentive person who truly loves to help people. She takes the time to understand your situation fully before suggesting a personalized action plan. Marina is a versatile professional who does not back down from a challenge and she is always ready to implement new, interesting, and stimulating activities for our job seekers.

Bourama Keita

Employment Counsellor - Partnership development agent

With many years of experience in the field of community action and committed to the needs of its participants, Bourama is a person who is devoted and sensitive to the realities of his participants. Proud to create ties between candidates and employers, Bourama will know by his empathy and sense of listening to help you achieve your goals.

Marie-Lou Bariteau

Project Manager - Arts and Culture / Artistic Entrepreneurship Advisor

Marie-Lou is a graduate of UQAM’s graduate school of theatre and the cultural research and animation program. She is an actor and co-founder of her own theatre company. She has worked with Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montreal Centre-Ville for several years, first as an employment counsellor and later as a youth entrepreneurship awareness & promotion officer. Her critical mind, business acumen, presence in the cultural community, and knowledge of available resources can help you to structure and complete your artistic entrepreneurship project with success.

Cristina Capogrosso

Administrative assistant

Cristina is a new addition to the team at CJE Montreal Center-Ville as an administrative assistant. She has many years of experience in CJEs as an accountant technician and holds the values of the organization at heart.

Martin Choquette

Executive Director

As part of CJE’s team for nearly 10 years, Martin devoted several years to developing our services for artists before taking on the role of executive director. He is committed to youth and is driven to help them enter Quebec’s employment market and benefit from its many opportunities. Martin sets his sights high! With his original ideas, he embodies innovation, a value that is important to CJE. Martin is a trained actor and an outstanding communicator. He is also a networker who likes to bring people together to spawn new ideas.

Viviane Cottle

Youth and Community Projects Manager

Viviane is passionate about civic engagement and social justice.  Viviane works on volunteer projects in highschools and in the community.  Through her projects, Viviane works to create spaces for youth to express themselves and work towards a common social goal.  With community development at the heart of every project, Viviane aims to create a sense of community belonging and solidarity.  Looking for ways to get involved in your community?  Get in touch with Viviane!

Emanuel Robichaud

Project Officer - Nouvelle-Garde

Graduate of the UQAM École supérieure de théâtre and currently a master’s student, actor and director and founder of his own theater company, Emanuel joined the team of the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montréal Centre-Ville ​​as program officer for Nouvelle-Garde. Having sat on various boards of directors and closely following cultural issues, he will support a cohort of young graduates as they join to the artistic community through internships with various organizations.

Juliandrée Bourque

Project Officer - Noublood

Actress, singer and visual artist, Juliandrée had the chance to participate in the second edition of Noublood in 2021. With her experience, kindness and thoroughness, she helps in the preparation and running of the next edition of the Noublood program.

Alice Boisvert

Mobilization Agent

Enthusiastic, Alice joins the CJE team and the Peter McGill neighborhood table as a mobilization agent. Her role is to mobilize residents around the issue of housing and green spaces in the neighborhood. Freshly graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology, Alice has been involved in the community sector for several years now. Her curiosity and thirst for learning allow her to easily get in touch with others in order to build a relationship of trust with everyone. Alice believes that citizen social involvement is an essential lever to combat social inequalities. This is why commitment is an important value in her eyes : to help the community on a small or larger scale.

Marjolaine Pilon

Communications Counsellor

Social networks have no secrets for Marjolaine, who loves to communicate with members of the CJE Montréal Center-Ville in different ways, with original, colorful and personalized publications. Her job fascinates her! With her studies in communication and public relations at UQÀM, she takes great pleasure in keeping CJE audiences informed and entertained: if you see a Carrefour publication appear on your news feed, do not hesitate to comment ! Marjolaine will be happy to answer you and chat with you!