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Working closely with the community, Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montreal Centre-Ville helps youth aged 16 to 35, located temporarily or permanently in downtown Montreal. We provide them with motivation and support in their education, professional, creative and entrepreneurial projects to enable them to access the job market in Montreal and elsewhere.

Our multi-disciplinary team believes in young people’s potential and drive – and we strive to foster their self-reliance. Working in the fast-paced environment of the downtown core, our team provides a high level of professionalism and commitment on a daily basis.

Image Lamia Lamoudi

Lamia Lamoudi

As an experienced employment counsellor, Lamia likes to get to the heart of the matter with all the job seekers she meets. She knows our multi-faceted clientele well and has in-depth expertise working with newcomers. Lamia is a key resource contact for young immigrants seeking to enter the workplace quickly. Whether in a one-on-one meeting or group workshop, Lamia is able assist and motivate you in your job search.

Image Marina Di Tiello

Marina Di Tiello Employment Counsellor

Marina is passionate about her work as an employment counsellor and knows how to use her passion to enable job seekers to plan the best possible strategies. She is an attentive person who truly loves to help people. She takes the time to understand your situation fully before suggesting a personalized action plan. Marina is a versatile professional who does not back down from a challenge and she is always ready to implement new, interesting, and stimulating activities for our job seekers.

Image Hervé St-Jean

Hervé St-Jean Youth Worker

Having worked with youth for the past ten years or so, Hervé has acquired plenty of valuable experience. He is an exceptional motivator who knows how to guide youth in the Jeunes en Action program to help them meet their personal goals, including going back to school and entering the job market. As a resourceful individual with a solid sense of humour, Hervé is able to provide you with all the personalized support you need to achieve your goals.

Image Geneviève Tousignant

Geneviève Tousignant Youth Worker

Geneviève is a youth worker who is committed to furthering the cause of youth. She works on CJE’s IDEO 16-17 project, where her experience with various youth clients allows her to provide personalized and professional support, regardless of trajectory. She is a keen analyst with terrific listening skills. Thanks to her personal approach, she is able to grasp your particular situation fully and provide the personalized follow-up you need to meet your career or education objectives.

Image Marie-Lou Bariteau

Marie-Lou Bariteau Youth Entrepreneurship Awareness & Promotion Officer Artistic Entrepreneurship Advisor

Marie-Lou is a graduate of UQAM’s graduate school of theatre and the cultural research and animation program. She is an actor and co-founder of her own theatre company. She has worked with Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montreal Centre-Ville for several years, first as an employment counsellor and later as a youth entrepreneurship awareness & promotion officer. Her critical mind, business acumen, presence in the cultural community, and knowledge of available resources can help you to structure and complete your artistic entrepreneurship project with success.

Image Luanda Almeida

Luanda Almeida Administrative Coordinator Liaison Officer

Luanda has been a member of CJE since 2006. She has held various positions, including welcoming counsellor, youth entrepreneurship awareness and promotion officer/liaison officer, and, currently, administrative coordinator. She likes to work behind the scenes and showcase her team’s work. She ensures that all the required ingredients to achieve CJE’s mission are in place. Luanda is aware of the issues experienced by youth in the downtown core and takes an active part in the sector’s coordination efforts on CJE’s behalf.

Image Martin Choquette

Martin Choquette Executive Director

As part of CJE’s team for nearly 10 years, Martin devoted several years to developing our services for artists before taking on the role of executive director. He is committed to youth and is driven to help them enter Quebec’s employment market and benefit from its many opportunities. Martin sets his sights high! With his original ideas, he embodies innovation, a value that is important to CJE. Martin is a trained actor and an outstanding communicator. He is also a networker who likes to bring people together to spawn new ideas.

The board of directors at Carrefour jeunesse-emploi Montreal Centre-Ville consists of active members from the business, finance, and cultural sectors. We are proud to count on the commitment and support of these inspirational and highly qualified individuals to assist us in our goal of helping downtown youths find their place socially and professionally.

Éric Bergeron President

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton

Robert Dandurand Treasurer

Fasken Martineau

Louise Poulin Vice-president


Luc Labelle Secretary

Chambre de la sécurité financière

We, at CJE Montreal Centre-Ville, would like to express our sincere thanks to you, our partners, for your unwavering support for our mission and initiatives. Your commitment enables us to continue providing participants with an outstanding level of service.